Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fire Pit Lifestyle

"I think this fire pit is becoming more of a lifestyle than a luxury."

Travis stated this today, the hottest day of the year so far, after chopping down a tree with a friend in Mercer County, splitting some of the wood, hauling it back to our house, and hauling it to the far back of our yard.

Fire Pit anyone?

Final 2013 T-Ball post

Parker finished out his inaugural organized sport season on Tuesday.  We were blessed with grace filled, patient coaches, no rain outs, and a positive attitude at the finish.  Parker has become quite the hitter over the last few weeks and worked really hard at running fast especially during his last game.  He was rewarded a T-Ball medal and a McDonald's gift card from the YMCA and his coaches.  

Kannon Kleine and Parker

During the season Parker has had a lot of loving fans come to see his games and cheer him on.  Grandmas and Grandpas Vancil and Stecher, Uncle Justin and Sara, Jane, Kim, Pete and Renee, Molly, Jeremy and Kannon Kleine, The Bruns family stuck around after their games ended early, and probably other people I am forgetting.  We want to THANK YOU all for helping make Parker feel so special and encouraging a fun, active sport for him. 

We think we have a "few" more baseball seasons in our future!

"Camp out"

Parker has been asking for a "camp out" for the. entire. summer.
What he really wants is a fire pit and as many as we have had this summer, he has never been to 1.  He has always been in bed before we invite people over.  So recently we had our first "camp out".
Helping "start" the fire actually involved here, just setting in a log before we began. 

Enjoying the fire for approx. 30 seconds before  "how long till we can have marshmallows?" began. 

Unlike their ma-ma, the boys do not like burnt marshmallows.. that's a shame...put that marshmallow in just a little bit farther Park ;) :)


When can we have another "camp out" ?

Ozarks take 2!

We took a 2nd trip to the Ozarks with some family friends at the begining of July.  We had 3.5 days of friends and fun!

Lots of pool time (mostly relaxing fun), lots of water gun fights (surprised we're still friends after shooting in the face occurred), lots of pool snacks (I have GOT to get that recipe!)

 We went to a GREAT place called Miner Mikes...if you ever go to the lake (and have children) MUST go to Miner Mikes.  It was a Chuckie Cheese, meets Jungle Bungle, meets Incredible Pizza kinda place.  There was a huge maze of tubes, ball pits, and slides that the kids could have spent hours, HOURS, in, a roller coaster that everyone rode, a Ferris wheel that everyone rode, and tons of arcade games.  It was the highlight of all 4 kids trips, and the adults loved it too.  It was also very reasonable (package deal prices)!

 We spent some time on the old "strip" of stores and shops.  It was hot so after about 3 stores and an Icee break, we called it quits!

 There was also plenty of duck/turtle feedings.  Those ducks do NOT go hungry, we went through 2 loaves of bread and an entire bag of dog food while we were there.  Parker, Carson and Sophie got brave and hand fed the ducks and all three got nibbled on....brave little things! (the ducks)

There was a nice mix of just hanging out at the condo and going to "do" stuff.  We hope to do it again soon!  Next time...a boat ride will be in order ;) 

Happy 4th of July

We spent our 4th of July celebrating a wedding of  co-workers who are becoming fast friends of ours!
It was a beautiful outside ceremony at Kickapoo Creek Winery. 
We had a wonderful time celebrating with friends!  A fun summer event!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

Summer Trike Ride

A few days after Carson's birthday we took the boys for a morning of trike riding at Lake Story.  It was lots of fun! 

I see lots of bike rides in our future!