Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Tuesday

Today was a big day of firsts at our house!

Today was Parker's first experience at "pre-school"
OK...not true pre-school, but that's what we have told him.  Our local pre-school has a Try it on Tuesday program where children pre-preschool age can come on Tuesdays to play games, read books, and make a craft.  Luckily it goes until 5PM so even working families can take advantage of it! :)
I wish there were more things that went into the evening for us!

So tonight right after school Travis, Parker, Carson and I all went to Pre-School.
Parker was definitely taking it all in.  He didn't wander far, but before we left he had already made friends with the instructor and was talking all about the toys and the craft.
Today's craft was noise shakers...
Look what I made!!! Look how they move!  
Listen to the sound!
Next week...Turkey hands.......with PAINT!!!!

The other Stecher boy also had a big day...tonight was his first experience with cereal.  After weighing in OFF the charts at his 4 month visit on Friday (19lbs. 4oz.) we got the approval to start cereal.  Tonight was the first chance we've had to play with it.  
I'm ready mama! 
First bite... 
YUM!  I like it! 
After a little while, and most of the bowl...Carson started to get full...however, he ate the whole 5 tablespoons full! 
I get to have this again tomorrow?!? 
Ugh...I'm full
He is now sleeping...I wonder how long he will sleep with a belly full of cereal...

Happy Birthday Mommy

My birthday was last week...however, I spread the event over a two week period. 
We had dinner with friends the Friday night before, Adults only at our favorite causal restaurant...SOOO FUN!
Then we had a family dinner this past Sunday with my family.
And on my actual birthday Travis and the boys cooked dinner and cookie cake for me. 
What a fabulous birthday!
Carson must have done something funny here...I'm surprised and Parker is cracking up!
Happy Birthday Mommy!  Let me help you blow out the candle. 

Grandma and Parker coloring  
Everyone just hanging out at my dad's.  I loved this!  Just hanging out together on a Sunday evening.  No on rushing here or there, no one leaving to go meet friends or having to run errands.  Just being together as a family on a non-holiday.  LOVED IT!  Hopefully we can do it more often, but if not, I know what I'm planning for next years birthday....
The exact same thing as this year!