Monday, July 12, 2010

Naptime Bandit

Parker has been going to bed/nap with a receiving blanket lately. He seems to find comfort in the blanket and we thought we might have a blankie lovin' man on our hands.  

We have also been having problems getting him to fall asleep for nap time.  He'll sit in his crib for an hour or more just quiet enough we think he's asleep and then out of no where start talking or laughing.  We have also found him "playing" with his stuffed toys through the crib.  see here...  So we've started covering the toys when it's nap time with a flannel blanket we used when it was cold out.

Today, after only 37 minutes of a nap this morning, Travis put Parker down at 2PM for a much needed nap.  After an hour of "play" Travis finally took the "toy" away....the blankie...

After about 20 minutes it was quiet so we went to check on him and this is what we found...keep in mind there was no blanket, no toys, no distraction...
This is Parker on the far left side of the crib...with a blanket...

This is the toy bin on the far right side of the crib....blanket"less".

I think this is Parker's way of telling us not to take his blankie away...
or maybe he was just wanting to play but it took all of his remaining energy to pull the cover off the top and fell asleep before he could make it back to the toys...

non the less, I think we should move the toy bin, and invest in a video monitor!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little League

We are St. Louis Cardinals fans through and through...
but on Saturday night we became Yankee fans for one of Parker's friends.

The Yankees played a great game!  It was a nail biter to the end! Way to go Kannon!  We're all proud of you!
  We look forward to many little league games in the future!
Both boys were tuckered out from all the action.

Happy Birthday Cousin Tyler

This weekend we went to celebrate Tyler's birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Tyler is the youngest of the Chervenka kids.

Parker and Travis had a good time too!  The puppy Travis has is named Snickers and is the Chervenka's new dog.

After the birthday celebration we took all the kids to the new park in downtown Rock Island.
It was really nicely done and we look forward to spending time there!