Friday, January 11, 2013

End of year...end of era

New Years eve is turning out to be a milestone day for Parker.  
When he was 1~ we took away his pacifier on New Years Eve
When he was 2~ we took away his crib on New Years Eve
 This New Years Eve brought an end of another era for Parker. 
On New Years Eve Travis and Parker took down his toddler bed to make way for a newly handcrafted big boy bed.

Bye-Bye little bed! 

In came Grandpa with the bed he made from a drawing that I had sketched out for him. 
Hello big boy bed!
Parker has done great!  He wants to play on his new bed, rest in his new bed, and he hasn't fallen out once!
Travis and I are currently "fighting" each other for cuddle time in the SUPER comfy new bed!

Thanks Grandpa Chloe!  We LOVE our new bed!


Carson is too little, 
It's too windy for Parker's ears, 
There's no snow, 
It's too muddy, 
There's no snow...

These were all excuses for not getting out for winter playtime last year.  So since we got our first measurable snowfall this year I have been itching, ITCHING, to get the boys outside.  I remember lots of outside playtime in the snow growing up and I want to make sure the boys learn to love the winter outdoor fun as much as I do! 
We finally took the plunge after Christmas (when it was finally about 15 degrees out!).
The boys (Carson) was not impressed with being so bundled he could hardly move, however, he did love a visit with his buddy Sheldon!

  Parker has been begging to make a snowman since Halloween so Travis and he set about achieving his goal...
Parker was even knowledgeable enough on the "art" of snowman making to know he needed sticks for his arms.

I was shocked when Parker randomly dropped to the ground and began making a snow angel   Remember, he had NO snow playtime last year. 

Carson got a high flying ride on his sled compliments of dad!

and enjoyed working on/in the "snow fort"

The real fun began when Parker threw snow at Travis' head....
the windup....
he's cracking himself up...and then there's Carson...Uh-Oh big brother, now you've done it! :)

Parker was such a kind big brother, he pulled/ pushed Carson around in the sled. 

Next up on our winter fun list....SLEDDING!  Bring on 1 more round of snow!

Christmas 2012

We were blessed to have a wonderful Christmas with both sets of Grandparents.  We spent Christmas eve with Travis' parents at our house and Christmas day with my parents at Dad's house.  The boys were lavished with love and gifts and attention at both celebrations.  

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Morning:

The Shark Eating Car 

Christmas Day:

Batman wore his cape and mask ALL  day!  When he finally took it off there was a band of sweat around his head.  Each of the family members took on an alternate personality that day. We got to share our Christmas with: Mr. Freeze, Aqua man, Robin, Black Widow, Penguin, Cat Woman, Two Face and Joker.

Merry Christmas 2012!


We were given "Foo-Foo" (Parker named him after the teddy bear in Ira Sleeps Over.) right after Thanksgiving.  We decided that "dealing" with Foo-Foo every morning while trying to get out the door might be a bit daunting, as well as Parker might not enjoy Foo Foo for that long of a visit.  So we waited. and waited. and waited. 
Until we were out of school for Christmas Break.  We then, 2 days before Christmas, broke Foo-Foo out.  Foo-Foo was all over our house that first night.  He was on top of the Christmas tree, on the cleaning closet, in the refrigerator, on shelves.  At one point Parker actually said,

"This elf is outta control!" :)

Foo-Foo made such an impact that Parker was bummed when he went back to the North Pole.  He has asked several times when will his elf be back. I sure hope Foo-Foo uses the off season to rest up!  He's going to have a busy season next year for sure! 

Chervenka Christmas

Christmas is over and put away and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it. Sigh. 
Our Christmas started the weekend before with Travis sister and family coming home from Des Moines. 
The cousins played together, ate together and opened presents together. We had a great time! 

Tyler and Parker building the tallest Lego tower with Parker's new Lego's.

We are SO not ready for this stage!...or maybe it's just mommy and daddy who's not ready....
Parker is really into superheros right now.  This is his new SCARY iron man seriously it's creepy. 
Carson got in on the present action too!  He liked having everyone running around and thought he was a big kid too!