Sunday, November 21, 2010

Front Yard Dazzle

Yesterday I told you were were going to get out the holiday stuff after our great time getting in the holiday spirit.  Today Travis decorated the front yard while Parker and I went and did holiday baking with Grandma Vancil and Justin's girlfriend Sarah.  The 60 degree temperatures didn't hurt either ;)

When Parker and I returned home, Parker was dazzled by the yard ornamentation.  He went running right over to Mr. Snowman as if he remembered him from last year.
He also picked up an extension cord box and was prepared to help.  He was much more of a help this year!
No Parker those are Penguins.
OK, so our penguins are now called ducks!

Dad, I think you  need to move it more to the left.

The penguins aka ducks, are new as are the small lighted twigs. 
The colored icicles and rope lights are also new. 
Just helping the block get into the holiday spirit!