Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lawn and Garden Show

Today Parker and I went to the Quad City Lawn and Garden show.  My mom and I have been going for years so it was fun to include Parker into our tradition!  Parker did great.  He smiled at everyone, giggled and talked for random old women and didn't have one melt down!  He even made it through a diaper change and a 6 oz. bottle while we were there!
Grandma, Parker and Mom next to a great flower bed!
Mom and Parker and our friend Jane and Parker.
This picture is a HUGE victory!  Parker has decided in the last 3 weeks that he no longer wants/needs to sleep.  This includes overnights and naps.  So at least he got two 45 minute naps today.  A victory is a victory no matter how small!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Photos

Parker had his Easter photo taken at MotherGoosebumps clothing store here in Galesburg a few Saturday's ago.  It turned out great!  That is a REAL rabbit in front of him.  He is an animal lover already!  He's turning into such a handsome big boy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parker's Dedication

Today Parker was dedicated at church, and Travis and I joined the church.
He did a great job.  He didn't cry at all and was in good spirits. 
All of the Stecher's and all of the Vancil's were there.
It meant a lot to have all of our family and several friends attend to participate in this milestone in Parker's life.
Pastors Greg and M.J. did a great job.  Parker is smitten!  We appriciate all the time and effort they put into making this a great day for us!
Parker was laughing at Pastor Greg in this photo!
Thanks to Molly K. for taking all of our photos so we could have a quick and painless photo opt!  You're the best Mol!
After church we went to brunch at Best Western Homestead room.  I must say I wasn't sure how high to set my hopes for brunch, but they far exceeded my expectations!  It was quite a spread, and good too!
Tyler loved the cookies! :)
Parker got many nice gifts for his special day.  Here he is reading his Hug-A-Bible that Travis and I got him.  He was quite taken!
We had a great day!
Thanks again to everyone who took time out of their Sunday morning (early) to come and celebrate Parker with us!