Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Week

It's Halloween week and Parker is EXCITED!

We have been blessed by so many cute Halloween outfits and costumes that we will be able to wear one each day of this week! Stay tuned for daily posts of Halloween fun and pick your favorite Parker outfit!

Today we are sporting an "I love my mummy" black onsie complete with white hand cuffs and white matching pants.

This little man loves his "mummy" so much he almost slept through the night. Actually, he loves his mummy and daddy. Travis is fighting a cold/flu so he really appreciated the rest!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 Weeks Old

I'm 5 weeks old, gaining weight and OHHHHHHHH so cute!
Check out my dimple!
I love bath long as the water is warm!

Hungry Hungry Hippo

So for the last 2 days or so, our calm relaxed son has been inconsolable. It takes him a long time to get comfortable and fall asleep. If I hold him he fusses, if I rock him, bounce him, lay him down, pick him up, he fusses. It's not much better at night when Travis is home.
Last night he ate and ate, and ate! Then we resorted to desperate measures. Because of a lack of sleep the night before we moved the swing into our bedroom and let him sleep and swing all night in his swing. He did much better!
Then this morning he ate 12 oz. of milk between 8AM and Noon. He's only 5 weeks old! After a call to Michele, and Heather to see what their mothering expertise might advise, I put a call into Dr. Larson. I just think that 12 oz. in 4 hours is an awful lot. As I was calling her he was eating another 4 ounces!
Come to find out he must be in a growth spurt! (thanks Michele and Heather!) Dr. Larson said Not to worry about the amount of food just yet, but if it continues over a lengthy period of time to call them much time is a lengthy amount of time?????
Today went much better as long as he was well fed! We even took a nap this afternoon! He went to Target this evening and had tummy time and a bath. Let's cross our fingers for smooth night of sleep. We're trying the regular pack and play tonight with out the newborn addition that he's been sleeping in. We think he might like to stretch out. We'll keep you posted!
While eating lots of food! The bib is appropriate for today...
The tanks full......night night!

Tummy Time

Tonight Parker tried out his new "tummy time" mat. At first he wasn't quite sure what to do.

Then he decided it might be ok.

Tummy Time

On our Backs

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Month Old

Yesterday was Parker's one month birthday! Wow, time is going fast! We had another visit with the specialist in Peoria on Friday. He has gained 2+ pounds in 2 weeks since his last visit! Dr. Sauder was quite impressed with this. We are cutting his evening dose of medicine in half because he's doing so well. This is going to be typical with each visit...increase the dose, decrease the dose. Dr. Sauder said she was impressed with Parker's weight gain. Typically babies gain a half a pound a week and Parker is doubling that at a pound a week!

This weekend we finished our photos with Jodie. We were unable to take family pictures last week because I wanted them to be outside and it was cruddy weather last weekend. Today however, it was beautiful! We went out to lake story. I can not wait for Jodie to edit all of Parker's pictures so I can again post the link for everyone to see and enjoy.

Travis and I went to my 10 year class reunion last night! What fun! It was neat to see half my class again....keep in mind, there were only 32 of us so half of that is 16! :)
In some aspects it was as if no time had passed at all. I still felt quite comfortable talking and catching up with everyone in attendance. We were excited to find out that 2 classmates were expecting babies, and they're due on the exact same day! Several other classmates have had children and everyone had pictures to share. Who knew 10 years ago that I would have my very own baby to brag about! :) We had a nice time and Travis was a trooper!