Saturday, January 16, 2010

Earliest Stranger Danger

Today we went to Hy-Vee for a great Stock Up sale!  Parker had been asleep the whole time we shopped and woke up as we got in line for the check out.  Travis took Parker out to the car and I asked for drive up grocery loading. 

Travis got to the loading dock before the man was ready to help us load so Travis and I went to work adding things to the back of the RAV.  Parker was quite intriqued by this as usually there is nothing to "look" at in the back of the RAV. 

Suddenly the man from Hy-Vee (who was taller and bigger than Travis) came out and zipped in to the back of the RAV with bags of our groceries, saw Parker and said "Hi Little Buddy"  Parker's eyes got really big, his bottom lip came out, and the wailing started.
I could almost hear him say:  "Who are you and why are you in my 'safe' space?"

Once we got sat in the back and Parker saw that the scary Hy-Vee man was not hiding in the back of the Rav waiting to jump up and scare him again, it was all good.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Taste Test

I need a pacifier!  I'm chewing on my bottom lip all the time now!  My chin is getting chapped and raw!
Let's have a taste test....

The old stand by...not so much any!

New version of old soothie....nope too!

hmmmm....this one makes me look might work...what else do you got?

ummmm...this is the winner!  I'll take this one..Red, White, and Blue!  Go America!
This is my new favorite.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


To those of you who get email notification when I post a new post...SORRY! You probably received more than 10 emails from us tonight!
I wanted to post some video of Parker, but the "New" Blogger won't let me post videos, after going to the "Help" section I found that Blogger is doing away with this option and now you have to go through You Tube. Well, I wasn't real kean on this idea, but the desire to share the videos over came my displeasure. So when I went to You-Tube (a process on it's own) I tried to set the account to private so only you could see. But when the post was finished you couldn't see the video unless I emailed each one of you and gave permission...urgh! Since I don't have every person's email address I went back and edited the You-Tube account. I think I now have it so you can see the two videos below, with some additional secure measures on the You-Tube sight.
Man! I'm glad Parker went to bed early and Travis was watching the Bulls....this was an all night adventure...

Again, sorry for those of you who have now received 11 emails from me! I think I know how to do it now so that shouldn't keep happening. However, if you'd rather not receive email notification of new posts, email me and let me know. I'll take you off no hard feelings! :)

Have a great Friday!

Music Toy

Parker is getting to be a big boy! He can now touch the tabs to change the music on his toy all by himself! We used to have to do that for him! He is changing all the time!

Playing with Rattles

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Play Time

Everyday after school we pick Parker up from Kim's house, where he's had a full day of playing, watching the other kids, and being cuddled and we come home to this....


We kick off our shoes, push up our sleeves and run to the nursery!

It's really fun!

We play with rattles, lights, music, books.  We play on our back, sitting up, and laying on our belly.

Sometimes we even get a giggle! This makes the grown-up's day!
We rush home for This....

We love playtime!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am almost 4 months old!

I weigh almost  17 pounds!

I am almost ready to roll over!  Mom thinks it will be in my sleep and she and dad will miss it!

I am ALMOST  ready to sleep in my crib at night in the nursery.....