Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apple Brownie Bites

I swear this baby is making me want to be crafty....remember the nursery lamp?

Well this time I decided to try my hand at baking...if you know me you know this was probably not the best idea. While looking at someone else's blog I found these cute brownie bites.
They turned out great!

First take small Tera cotta pots and paint them black with chalk board paint.
Put Styrofoam in the bottom to hold the pops later

Bake a chocolate cake or two. One cake will make between 40 and 50 cupcake bites.

After cake is completely cooled down cut the cake into large chunks. Use a food processor to grind the cake up. If you are missing a food processor, use your blender!

Add one tub of frosting to each cake. You can use any flavor you'd like of both cake and frosting. I used cheap chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting.

Mix the cake and the 3/4 of the tub of frosting together. It's easiest to just get your hand dirty. Pretend you're mixing a meatloaf. You will get something that is almost batter like again.

Don't feed the dog!

Let the new batter cool for at least 30 minutes, I think I did mine overnight. The longer the better!

Make small round balls, about the size of a ping-pong ball, maybe smaller. If you're making apples make a small finger dent in the top and bottom of the ball for later decorating.

Melt Wilton's candy melts in microwave. I got mine in Red already colored at Jo-Anne Fabrics. They have many colors to choose from. You can also use almond bark and color it yourself.

Dip your sucker stick (also available at Jo-Anne's or Hobby Lobby) into melted frosting and stick into bottom of brownie bite. Go about 2/3 of the way through the brownie bite.

***The most important Step: Take brownie bites with sucker stick and FREEZE in freezer for at least 15 minutes. We left ours in for about 45 minutes.

Then re-melt the candy coating. Mine was too thick, so if you find it not quite "runny" add 2TLBS. of Crisco. to one bag of candy. Make sure when you are adding it you are running the microwave at 50 percent power.

Take the frozen brownie bites out of the freezer, roll in candy coating and stick inside Styrofoam block. For apples I added a small end of pretzel and a after dinner mint that had been cut diagonally for the leaf. You could use any green candy you'd like. As the brownie bites begin to thaw you'll need to stick them back into the freezer or the brownie/cake ball will fall off the sucker stick and into the candy.....trust me......there were several "lost soldiers" during my try.

Let the candy coating dry completely, we put ours back into the fridge overnight. You could leave yours on the counter as long as you don't have a chocolate craving dog...or husband. :)

Add moss to the Styrofoam, stick apple sticks into foam and wrap with plastic wrap/ribbon and tape.


The blog I found this at has many yummy treats I'm going to try! Check it out:

Happy Back to School!

Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school in district 205. Travis and I both said we were more ready than ever before, however, we still get those first day jitters that make us get up extra early to go and check out the room one last time! Both of us had really good first days. Travis has 19 2nd graders and Misty has 25 first graders. We are both hoping for a really great year!

Happy First Day of School!