Friday, July 10, 2009

Non-Stress Tests

Ok, I'm warning you I have some REALLY bad stretch marks. I am going to humiliate myself and show you, not by choice, below. If you are grossed out by ugly, ugly stretch marks I would skip this entry. Seriously.

Today I started my twice weekly non-stress test. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was no big deal, and kind of interesting. I go into this private room, sit in a recliner and get 2 probes strapped to my belly. The top probe measures contractions, the bottom probe measures the baby's heart beat. I hold a push buzzer that I push every time I feel the baby move. The goal is for the baby's heart beat to go up after each movement.

The top line sows the baby's heart rate the middle line with vertical arrows is each time I felt the baby move and the bottom line is contractions...I had none, thank goodness!
The yellow number is the baby's heart rate, on the top is where it averaged most of the time. On the bottom is after a really big kick.
OK, now is the last chance to click out of this to pass on the stretch mark pictures....
This is the top probe, the contraction probe

This is both probes attached to my belly of which will never be the same. Those are horrendous marks! Geeze!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full swing baby mode

Tonight we started birthing classes at the hospital and for once we are not the procrastinators! We had the latest due date of September 15! One couple was due JULY 15th! I don't think they'll make all 4 sessions.

There are 3 couples in our group and both Travis and I found the information given tonight helpful and useful. Next week we will miss "class" due to prior engagements (more on that later), but will be able to view the birthing video at another time.

The class runs from 7-9PM on Thursday's throughout July. I am excited to get to tour the birthing unit. Travis is excited to get more information on what to expect when the time comes.

Tonight there were several instances where we couldn't look at each other in fear of laughing at an inside piece of information. I hope that doesn't continue to happen.....that would be embarrassing.

Today we also started to strip wallpaper in the office. It went MUCH easier because our friends the Kleine's offered us their wallpaper steamer. It was a breeze! I am thankful to have them for friends!

Another new development in preparation for the baby is where I'm writing this blog right now. We have moved the computer from the "office/nursery" to our bedroom. We purchased a really cute desk from Target and this afternoon Travis built the desk, reran the cable cord for the Internet and move the computer in addition to helping strip wallpaper.

Ahhhh.....we are for sure in full baby mode now!
More updates soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Office to Nursery

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! Wow, this summer is going fast! We have decided to finally begin the transformation from office (which we love) to a nursery. We'll keep you updated on the progress. I'm hoping it goes quickly, and so far it has.
These are pictures from before:
The PEZ.

The build in bookshelf Travis and his dad built

The west wall, Misty's books, a small baby collection and the closet

rocker/recliner that will stay in baby room
The computer wall.

Travis taking down the PEZ. Neatly organized PEZ in a bucket. We're going to try to fit the PEZ into our bedroom corner so the curio cabinet doesn't have to go down the basement steps or up the attic steps.
Travis' dad is coming this weekend to help move some furniture around. The project is coming along. Tomorrow we plan to take down the fishing "decor" and maybe start stripping wallpaper. This project might be one of the smoother one's we've taken on....MIGHT is the key word here.

Ozarks 2009

This year the Vancil family went to Lake of the Ozarks again for a large family vacation. This year was special for several reasons. First, it was a celebration trip. My dad is officially retired from 38 years working at Case Corp. Second, it was the last trip we would take as a family with out a little one around.
Travis and I were only able to stay the weekend due to work obligations aka Summer School. However, the rest of the family is still enjoying the sun and water of the Lake.
We left Friday morning around 7AM and spend Friday lounging around the lake. Dad took us all out to dinner Friday night to a place called "The Happy Fisherman's". We all enjoyed our food.
After dinner Travis and I hit up a putt-putt place down in a gully hidden in the trees. It was cool. They had fans blowing and it was really cleverly decorated. We had a great time!

Unfortunately Saturday the 4th was a wash out, cloudy and rainy. Travis and I went to a large outlet mall. We could have stayed all day it was 3 levels, however, we did the entire mall in 2.5 hours. WHEW! This pregnant woman was tired!
When we got back to the condo we were blessed with about 5 hours of sunshine pool time. We enjoyed hanging out with mom, dad, Justin and Jane. I love extended family vacations!
The rain held off until the first firework went off around 9PM. We ended up with a large thunderstorm that drove us away from the open water of the lake/pool, and back to the condo to sit on the covered deck and just watch the rain and all the boats that were on the lake come flying back in.
Sunday wasn't much better, cold, cloudy and breezy. We rented a boat for the afternoon and took a boat ride with sweatshirts, towels covering our legs and hoods on. We had a hard time believing it was July 5th! Mom has a picture of that so when she gets home I'll post it.
We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. Almost as soon as we pulled out of town on Sunday night around 5:30 the sun came out! Go Figure! :)
We had a great time and hopefully will get to go again someday!