Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Mom and I went out on our annual "We must be crazy to get up this early" shopping trip on Friday. This year Travis and I did not stay at dad's on Thanksgiving so mom had to drive to Galesburg to pick me up and we hit the shops from there.

Our first stop was Menards where we waited outside in a line that went all the way down the building for about 5 minutes. In the check out line the guy from the paper came up and asked if he could take some pictures....

Let me back up a little and give you some background on my appearance yesterday....

I went to bed at 10:30 on Thursday night, I woke up at 5AM with my eyelids broken out (I have very sensitive eyes) They were so red and dry that they were actually cracking! So when I woke up, I did the only thing I can do when they get like this, I smothered them with lotion and had to forgo the makeup. No biggie though right? It's 5AM who's gonna care? So after trying to just pull up my bedhead into a ponytail, I decided that I already looked really bad and I should take some time to try to curl the hair. So I did. I pulled it up 1/2 way and brushed my teeth.
By 5:25 I was ready to go out the door.
If you do the math you will see I took all of 25 minutes to get out of bed, put clothing on, curl my hair, brush my teeth and get my shopping list...

OK back to the real story....
So this guy comes up and says he's from the paper and wants to take some pictures because mom and I look like we're having so much fun...(we were cracking up at something so he caught us laughing)
Mom says sure...of course she says sure she was 15 minutes late picking me up so she could do her hair and makeup! SHE looks like a human! So the guy takes the pictures and tells us they will be in the paper. Great.
Then after we've checked out he pulls us aside and asks if he can video tape us to put us on the Internet website................again, no hair/makeup done AND I have a gross eye situation....again, mom says sure...MOTHER!!!!
So we get pulled aside and he asks us some questions and then mom stands there not saying anything just smiling away, so guess who has to do the interview.....the girl with no hair/makeup done and with a gross eye situation!

Last night we scoured the pictures of us...whew! Then we looked on line...only one picture of us and it was of mom and my backside....whew!

I was sure we had lucked out...
This morning I am up early and decided to look online myself and what do I find?????
A video of a beautiful mother who looks ready to tackle the world and some hobo who is looking REALLY ROUGH!

I have now decided I will never go shopping the day after with out make up again....and I need to see a doctor about this eye situation.....

You know when you first see a picture of yourself and you realize wow, I'm starting to get old...yeah, that happened today for me.

After the traumatic events at Menards, one would ask...were you able to go on???? The answer is of course, it was the day after Thanksgiving deals! We went to Wal-mart, Sears (where I saw a parent of a student), Bergners, Bath and Body Works (where I saw another parent), Sears again, JC Penny, Christopher and Banks, Target, and Perkins :)

I went home and took an hour nap and then went and worked at Bergner's for 7 hours!

We got a lot of shopping done and had a lot of fun!

**I should now say that mom and I did both agree to the photos/video...although I am convinced the superstar/model mom was loving every minute :)** and I was never mad at her nor am I now..I think it's a stitch, but I am a little embarrassed about how horrible I looked.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Cheer!

It is an exciting night at our house! For the first time since we bought the house 4 years ago, we are able to have outside lights! We have no outdoor outlet on our house and thus have not been able to have outside lights, much to Travis' disappointment!

This year I suggested that we run an extension cord from the Garage and once Travis consulted with his dad, we found out it was a go! You should have seen the excitement on his face! I must admit, I was a bit concerned with a "Griswold's Christmas" motif, but the end result is very tasteful, tactful, and least I think this is the end result....
Travis has been shopping after Christmas deals for several years picking up lights for when we have a house that it would work with! I am so thankful that we finally have the opportunity to use the lights and give some seasonal joy to Travis! :)

Well Done Hubby!
Happy Holidays!

Nutty Squirrel

We have a new pet! Not really, but we could. There is this squirrel who had decided that our crab apples are a delicacy! He started eating them in September and now in November...well see for yourselves. I guess this shows what over indulging in a delicacy will do!
He's turned into quite the fatty!
He has also left quite a mess on our tree ring! We are assuming the winter snow/ice will take away the staining. It looks like he used the blocks for a cutting board.