Friday, April 10, 2009

Catch up time

Ok, so I have been negligent in my blogging, and I have started to hear about it! Geesh! So I have lots to update people on but instead of my usual long windiness, I'll try to be brief, but keep in mind that there is a lot to get caught up on.
Chicago 08
Travis got Bulls tickets for his birthday so Travis, myself, his mom and dad all went for a weekend to the windy city. We took the train up, stayed on Michigan Avenue, and had lots of fun! We went to Navy Pier, shopped, went to the Bulls/Lakers game and had Brunch at the Grand Lux Cafe...YUM!

National Board Certification

Travis and I are both trying to become national board certified teachers. It's quite an ordeal. And because we are both so good at procrastination, we did just that with this process. Not smart! However, we did mail off our "entries" (like really long college papers) and now just need to wait until November/December to see if we passed. If we pass we get to have a Illinois Master Teaching Certificate. The only way to obtain this is through being Nationally Board Certified, this will make it so we don't have to update our teaching certificate for 10 years! However, if we don't pass, we have to fix the entries they didn't like and re submit next year. Keep your fingers crossed that we pass this year. This was not an enjoyable experience and I, no we, don't want to do this again.


WOW! What a difference a month makes! The kitchen has really started to take shape. We now have all the cabinets, both upper and lower, in place and holding our "stuff". We have painted a 2nd coat of paint and painted the ceiling. There is a new ceiling fan and light installed, we have under cabinet lights in place, and a new sink/faucet. We have ordered our counter top and are waiting for it to be delivered and then all we have left is the floor, crown molding and window/door trim! I think we are starting to see the light at the end of the process! A GIGANTIC thanks to Travis' dad. We wouldn't have gotten this far with out his countless hours of free labor!

Spring Break

This week has been our spring break from school! It has been heavenly! We both really needed some time away. We have had dinner with friends and family. Travis has worked tirelessly in the kitchen, and I have gotten some much needed spring cleaning done (although there's much more to do)! We have enjoyed some nice weather and have been able to open the windows some and air the place out. It has been truly enjoyable for both of us! Unfortunately, our time off is quickly coming to an end....the good news? We only have 37 school days left of school! WAH HOO!

For Easter, we are going to spend the day with Travis' mom and dad in Rock Island. We are having brunch at Johnny's Italian Steak House and then who knows what else the day will bring. We are hoping to get together with my side of the family maybe this evening or next weekend to celebrate the holiday.


Buddy is doing great and enjoying the spring weather as well. He has had a spring hair cut and getting around nicely. No news is good news with the Budster!

I will try to update more frequently now that the National Board stuff is done. We hope you each have a lovely holiday and enjoy your time with family!