Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Fall Season

We've been busy these last few weeks of fall!  I figured I should catch up on our whereabouts!
Last weekend was Galesburg's homecoming.  Travis and Parker were decked out in "Streaks" gear for the big game.  Parker even got his first tattoo at the game.  You'll have to pardon the very tired eyes of our tattooed boy.  He made it 2 + hours past his bedtime at the game!
It's also been Scenic Drive here! These are the HUMONGOUS mums we got in Knoxville on the last day of Spoon River.  Would you believe we got 3 for 20 bucks?  We were able to split them and make even more mums for our back yard!  Here's hoping they come back in the spring...
Last week was my cousin Addi's wedding.  She had a beautiful day and pretty fall setting for her wedding.  Parker decided that weddings wear him out!

On Sunday the whole Vancil side of the family went to Country Corner pumpkin patch.  We had a nice time together.  Parker was going on only a 30 minute nap that day so we think he did REALLY well.  We can't wait to go on a fun fall trip again next year with everyone. 
Enjoying a hay-rack ride 
Riding with Grandpa Vancil.  Which pumpkin should I choose? 
Are all of these for MEEEE????
The "men" of the family checking out the pumpkins.
Hi!  What do you think of this place?
Hey, guys, I think I want this one.... 
Yep, this is the one I pick. 

They call this a pie sure doesn't taste like pie to me!

We also bid farewell to another Jr. High football season.  We love that Dad is a coach and we've had fun at his games, but we are sure glad he's home more now!  Congrats on another great season Dad!

So, that about sums it up!  We've been enjoying this beautiful fall weather and hope it hangs on for a few more weeks!