Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 year old heart

Buddy went to the vet today because of some leg problems. I thought his hips had finally given out. Travis was sure it was our new furniture. We were both wrong! He has a tear in his knee ligament. He tore is left one back in 05 and we had surgery to correct it. Now he has a tear in 08 in his right one. To off set surgery costs we decided to do pain pills and anti-inflammatory meds for the time being....
However, before we could do that Dr. Weech decided perhaps we should take an x-ray of his back to rule out a blown disk.
We were called back to look at the x-rays. He has some inflammation around his 2nd vertebrate and some arthritis there as well. There appears to be some calcium build up around his knee too, which could indicate the rip. No blown disk though.
We were however, able to see his heart. Dr. Weech said it looked like a 5 year old heart, probably because he's so active!

Travis keeps saying the dog may be falling apart, but there is nothing wrong with his heart! He is so right!
We actually laughed when the vet said that. Dr. Weech then proceeded to tell us that he could live another 4-6 years!

I think we need to rename Buddy the energizer buddy....he just keeps going, and going, and going!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mowing~ High Power!

Today I thought I'd do something nice for Travis and mow the lawn. It was quite long after all the rain we've been getting. Our mower is quite "sensitive" right now and Travis is the only one who can run it. I decided to ask our neighbors who have a self-propelled bagger if I could use theirs. They were very nice and said no problem.
I was warned about the power from the self-propelled. I thought no problem. Dad and Justin have a self propelled and I used to mow the front lawn at Dad's all the time....

Ok, I've obviously not used a self-propelled in QUITE a long time. I was pushed and pulled all over the lawn! I think there are truly tire divots from where I tried to turn but spun out instead.

Then there was the process of dumping the bag! Oh geeze! I tried to be neat but twice, TWICE, the grass cuttings ended up on the ground and not in the bag, which resulted in me having to scoop them up and get chiggers all over me.

All that drama....but at least the yard is mowed and it doesn't look like we need a baylor to come through to pick up the leftovers.

I think our next mower needs to have a bagger option.