Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello from Pezamania!

Hello from Pezamania in Cleveland Ohio! Travis and I arrived safely yesterday after a LONG 10 hour car ride. The ride wasn't bad until the last hour. Which happened to be at 12:30AM today! We left Galesburg at 2:23PM and between my mandatory hour bathroom/walk breaks and dinner breaks and a short getting lost period in Gary Indiana due to construction we finally arrived here at was 1:30 here! Yep, there is an hour time change.

Today we slept in, got registered and did some room hopping. Room hopping is when you "hop" from hotel room to hotel room to see what the vendors have before they have their big show on Saturday. Travis was very pleased with what he saw and was able to cross several things off his wish list. Today he got Roar the Lion, the Giraffe, Pony, Cockatoo, Cat with Derby, Duck with a flower. All of these are vintage rare PEZ. We also added an older Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy as well as the new Ava, Wall-E, Melman, Skipper the Penguin.

Travis' quote of the day was "GEEZ, I think I'm a real collector now!"

Tonight we went out to eat and then came back to the hotel to play a dice game included in the registration fee. It was fun....went on too long, but fun. We didn't win. I played that game about as well as I play Yahtzee! I stink! After the game we room hopped some more to make sure we didn't miss anything.

Right now Travis is making out a final wish list for the actual "show" tomorrow morning. Because we are convention attendees we get to go an hour earlier than the general public.
We are looking for: a PEZ gun, Elephant, Dalmatian, an old Donald Duck, a monkey with a ball cap, and a long faced clown....along with about a page of other "wishes"

This has been the biggest convention we've been to yet. We've seen some familiar faces from previous conventions and met some new friends. Several people have been asking about "the baby" and making guesses as to if it's a boy/girl. One guy even tried to give us naming advice!

The plan is to leave here tomorrow around noon and head south to the Longaberger factory and homestead. I am SUPER pumped about THAT! We'll only have about 4-5 hours before the homestead closes but I'm sure I'll be able to find something..................

We're spending the night at the Longaberger hotel tomorrow night and heading back first thing long as there isn't something I just have to go back for. :)

The good news is the ride back is only supposed to be 7.5 hours so we should be able to make it back in 9 with all the pit stops we have to make.

I'll post pictures when we get home. Here are some links to what we've been doing though if you're interested:

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We bought a new car. A new new car! Travis and I decided we needed a safer family friendly vehicle and during a toss up, the neon won the contest to go to a new home. We traded the neon for a Toyota RAV 4. We LOVE it. We got it Saturday night at 5PM. This is the first new new car that Travis and I have ever had. It's pretty cool!

Good Bye Neon! It was a really good car that served it's purpose.

Hello RAV 4! Travis starting it up for the first time.

6 whole miles on the odometer! WOWIE WOW WOW!

On the road for the first time!

The Trav-RAV!