Friday, January 7, 2011

Karaoke Parker

Parker got a Karaoke machine from Santa for Christmas.   Here he is really "gettin' down".  We think his Karaoke love is from his Grandma Vancil!

Winter Break Naptime

Who doesn't love winter break?  It's sooo fun who could possibly want to sleep it away???(mom and dad)???
This is during nap time...Parker drug his blanket through the rungs of the crib and was squealing having a grand time!
Does this look like the face of a sleepy toddler to you???

First Haircut

Parker was in need of a haircut....badly
In Travis' family it's tradition for the Grandparents to take the grandson for his first haircut.  So on December 30, Ben and Kay, Travis, Parker and I all headed to Steve's Barber Shop in Rock Island.  Steve was one of Travis' High School buddies who now cuts Ben's hair.
Parker meeting Steve...check out that facial expression...
ummm...not to sure about you buddy

The first snip of baby hair
What is this guy doing?
Dad waiting his turn.
Hmmmm.....this makes me look pretty  handsome.
Such a big boy!

Before and After