Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas started on Christmas Eve with Travis' folks.  They came to our house this year and we had a great visit.  Kay made her family's traditional oyster stew and we also had sandwiches and lots of finger foods. Parker liked the cake pops best! :) After dinner and presents we started a new tradition and went to the Peoria Festival of Lights.  We had lots of fun!

This is how Parker woke up on Christmas morning...crazy excited!
After changing clothes he came running out to see what Santa had brought.  
Toy STORY!!!! Blue PAPER!!!! PRESENTS!!!
Parker asked Santa (repeatedly) for presents...with Woody, Buzz, Lotso and Woody's hat for Christmas. 
Carsee, Carsee...did you see?!?!?! Toy Story!

Woody's Hat 
Ummmm...smells like strawberries!  Here Carsee, try my hat on. 
Crackin up before Church... 

Attempting a family photo after Church...

After Church on Christmas Day we headed to Grandpa/Grandma Vancil's.  Again, we had a great time.  The house was full of friends and family, good food, games, and presents!
Parker helped everyone open their stocking gifts and opened all of his and Carson's gifts as well.  We had a great time and Parker was a great cheerleader during the Wii bowling tournament. 
Both boys did really well with two days of excitement and limited naps.  
Parker and friends (Woody and Jessie) serenaded us with "Christmas Classics" ;)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!