Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Break is HERE!

We love teaching, we really do...but with our own children now...we LOVE summer!

The boys got matching summer crab hats from Gma/Gpa Vancil in the Ozarks.

Parker is going to get his 1st fishing trip with Grandpa Stecher and Daddy this summer!  Here Parker was learning how to "cast" his fishing line in Grandpa Stecher's front yard.  He actually did a really good job for his age and his first tries...I dare to say he already could beat his mama! :)

 We found out that Parker is not allergic to bee stings.
Travis and Parker were outside.  Parker somehow (we're still not quite sure how) touched a bee that was on Travis' jeans.  The bee stung him and Travis didn't know why/what made Parker cry.  Parker pointed, crying, to Travis' jeans.  Parker will tell you that "Daddy screamed and picked me up and ran inside" and Travis did pretty much that.  I heard crying, questioning, yelping, and the door swinging open and closed quickly.   An ice cube later...all was good, but it sure didn't help Parker's dislike of bugs.. 

We had the Vancil's down for a lunch cook out on Sunday and everyone was able to come.  It was fun having Uncle Justin, Sara, Grandma and Grandpa over to watch the boys play and helped with afternoon naps too! ;)

With the start of summer is Vacation Bible School at Church! 
Parker is allowed to partially participate this year as he is not quite to the 3 year old/potty trained requirement.  
He started the night slightly nervous but by the time we got home he was non stop talking about his new tee-shirt and his toy "Pat the Bat" (the bible buddy from Day 1).  He and Carson were up past their bedtime by quite a bit but both did fantastic at VBS and both slept until 7AM...a HUGE deal in this house! :)

Happy Summer Break!

Memorial Day

Look what I got at the Memorial Day parade! 
Parker was allowed 1 piece of candy from the parade to eat before lunch.  He chose a sucker.  Look carefully where it landed in our photo shoot... 
Carson was not amused.
Happy Memorial Day!

Two in the tub...

The time has finally arrived...Carson is old enough and stable enough to have bath time with brother.  Of course it takes both Travis and I to supervise this fun activity! 
We have discovered that Carson LOVES water.  He loves to splash in it, lay in it, drink it, and when he's with his brother it's twice as much fun! 
Look here boys, look at mommy, let's get a picture.  Parker smile, Carson look here...Parker, Parker, Carson, Uh-Oh, Carson...Parker smile, Up here Carson..
These were my attempts to get both boys (2.5 and 11 months) to both look at the camera and smile simultaneously.  Unsuccessful.
This is more realistic...