Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I worked at Bergner's which didn't leave much time for anything else today. However, when I got home I had this waiting for me.

Travis had been busy all afternoon cutting the grass, hanging these wall baskets, finishing the kitchen floor, and getting caught up around the house/yard. So at 6PM when I got home, we set to work outside. As you can see, Buddy was a big help! :)

This used to be a fire place in the side of our yard. We cleaned it out and made it a flower bed.

These are the new wall hanging baskets on the garage/patio. They are full of Lakers colors (purple, yellow, and white)

Doesn't this look nice? Good Idea Trav!

We also purchased a HUGE tropical plant to set behind the couch on the patio. It will get so big we had to buy a 21 inch pot! That's BIG!

Here are the Lakers pots on the patio

This is the only thing we didn't have to purchase! These are perennials from last year. They wouldn't bloom last year and we thought we had duds. However, this year is a different story...

This planter came from the QC lawn and garden show. It's made of twigs. Isn't it cool? Thanks mom!

Garage window boxes

This is Wisteria. It grows like mad over the summer and tries to take over our house. Travis and I both hate it most of the year. We have to constantly chop it down and pull it out of the siding and gutters. However.........for a brief week each year, it has the most beautiful blossoms that smell we keep it, that and we can't figure out how to kill it :)

So after beginning at 6PM, it started to get dark (9 PM), we hadn't had dinner yet and I ran out of flowers. Here's the back patio ready for use....Bring on SUMMER!

Buddy is showing the common look of the entire house hold. Yawn....time for bed!


We have a floor! :)
Thursday night Travis and a good friend, Matt L., came over and worked like dogs to get the floor finished! They started at 4:30ish and finished around 11:30PM. It looks great! We are really happy with it. One step closer to being finished!

Buddy is still adjusting to the new floor. It's more slippery than before and it makes more noise. Although he doesn't seem to mind the noise ;)