Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nielson Field Day

Today was Nielson Field day.  So when Dad was at school playing outside, I decided to play outside with Grandma Stecher.  This is when I had a traffic tie up around the tree ring out front.
Bet you can't see me huh?

How much longer until we can camp out dad?

Then I told Grandma I wanted to go and see dad at work.  So she took me to field day...only too bad for me, because dad was inside so I didn't get to play in any events with him.

His class members sure liked seeing me though.  I clung tight to never know who has a runny nose around there!
Even though I couldn't play in field day this year.  I had so much fun that I fell asleep at 4:45PM and have been asleep ever since! (it's 9:33PM)  Do you think I'll sleep until tomorrow morning?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

King Field Day

Today was the King School Field Day.  This is a great celebration of the end of the year, Ms. Howard our PE teacher, did a great job creating and implementing our day.  We are lucky to have her!  The children spend all day rotating through stations where they work as a team on themed field sports.  This years field day was an Olympic theme.  Each classroom was to select a country to represent and learn about that particular country.  Mrs. Stecher's B-3 choose to represent Greece.  We created a modified flag, made Greek olive headpieces, and created Olympic torches to carry.
As the end of the year draws to a close a teacher must do what a teacher must do to survive the last days of school.  This past week I made a behavior "deal" with my students aka a bribe :)
If the kids would be on their best behavior all week I would get into the rented dunk tank that was being provided for our principal and outreach worker.  Little did I know that dunking their beloved teacher was all the motivation that would be needed to have ship shape behavior!

Although it was 90 + degrees today, the dunk tank had a constant flow of hose water so it was FREEZING!
However, I was so confident that my little darlings would have such a rough time actually dunking me I talked to my maternity sub, Mrs. Hale, and told her that if no one was able to dunk me she could come up and hit the target at the very end so I would at least end up in the bucket one time...

The first child came up...throw one miss
throw two

Out of 19 students I was dunked 14 times!

I really did have a great time, but once I got home I felt like I had been swimming all day long...I'm pooped!
What a great way to end a great year!  We were all winners today!
Happy Field Day!