Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's hard to be Buddy

Buddy is really beginning to think he's a human! Tonight I have been busy, busy, busy with work here at home. I have been stuck in the office all night. Travis and Buddy have been in the Living Room watching T.V. Just a few moments ago Travis asked if I had a minute to come and look at something......this is the something I came to look at.
It's hard to see in the picture but Buddy is laying vertically on about 3 pillows. It is almost as if he is sleeping straight up and down. These pictures show him awake as the first 10 shots from the camera woke the poor guy up....it's such a hard life being Buddy don't you know!
Just look at his paws, don't they look like a humans would placed on those pillows? And his hind legs they looked crossed. We'll at least he knows how to sit properly! HA!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Buddy!

During my traumatic experience at Menard's on Friday my mom and I found a great buy on pet beds. There were extra large soft bed pillows on door buster sale for $10.oo. I had not planned on buying one, and it wasn't on my list, but.......
Buddy sleeps on an old comforter in our bedroom and it doesn't match our room, and it is constantly getting thrashed around by the dog, so when I saw a pet bed in colors that matched our bedroom, I knew Buddy would be getting an early present! :)
When I got home I covered the pillow in my perfume. I think I did a little too much though, cause when Buddy stepped on it all he could do was sneeze and sneeze.
Travis suggested turning the pillow over and laying on it with the dog, so I did. After 2 days I'm thinking he likes his new pillow.....
Merry Christmas Buddy!