Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A budding reader!

After last weeks post about library story time I feel like I need to put a disclaimer with this post...
**These photos were NOT staged**
This was Parker one morning reading to his toys.  He is doing this more and more frequently and it is SOOOO cute!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Summer Corn!

There is nothing better than some Oquawka Slagel Farm sweet corn in the summer!

Story Time

 We have been lucky enough to take Parker to weekly story time at the library this summer.  He has loved every minute of it and has progressively gotten better at sitting and listening to the story, showing "Mr. Jingles" his craft project, and interacting with the other kids.  Our only regret is that it isn't offered in the evenings during the school year!

Wow! That's a lot of books!
Welcome song and find your square... 
Enjoying the story on his square with dad!

Interacting and taking turns! YEAH!

Making a star spangled flag!  Very creative!

Showing off his work to Miss Karen and Mr. Jingles.

Beat the Heat

How do the Stecher's beat the horrible summer heat?
Depends on which Stecher you are:


Parker chooses to go to a pizza/video arcade and play games in the air-conditioning with Grandma/Grandpa Stecher.

Travis chooses to go wading at Steele Dam with his dad and catch lots of fish!

Misty chooses to set the air conditioner on 68 degrees to compensate for her hormonal hot/cold flashes and watch Hallmark channel while everyone naps!


Carson chooses to be bundled under 2 winter blankets and nap comfortably in his warm bed...thanks mom!

Hope you are all finding ways to stay cool!