Thursday, March 1, 2012

Like Father Like Son

This kid is his father's son!

They look alike,

They act alike,

well.....not always.....there is a little Parker in him too!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Parker was enlisted to help Travis clean the toy room on Sunday.
This is how I found him.
I wish I could help like this! 


I don't often dress the boys alike.  I want them each to find their own style.  However, on Sunday I decided to dress them alike both in stripes for church.  When we arrived at church we found our dear friends Kelsi and Kannon were also dressed stripes!
It was so cute we had to get some photos! 

Parker (and Carson) LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelsi and Kannon!

Parker insisted on "holding" Carsi (Parker's verson of Carson) However, I think he's finidng that little brother isn't so little anymore because he posed for the photo and then promptly "pushed" him off the chair!

Big Boy Carson

How is this sweet baby already 8 months old?
Carson is growing like a weed!  He weighs 23 pounds and is wearing 18 month clothes!!!
He is really becoming his own guy!  His personality is becoming more social and when he is happy he is HAPPY! 
He likes to hold his arms straight out with a closed fist and they just shake with excitement.  At first we thought he was having nerve issue...but it only happens when he is happy/excited and usually is accompanied with a squeal of delight!
He has changed so much lately we know he won't be a "baby" much longer and watch out world when he decides to move indepenantly!
He is very persistant and has a lot of determination....ask the hole in Travis' recliner armrest. 
He is a lot like Travis but I can see some hints of myself.
Our big boy beggining to use his own sippy cup!

Not a fan of the new all!

This porker will eat TWO step 2 containers of food for lunch and dinner as well as have a bedtime bottle!

We haven't really found something that he doesn't like to fact he inhales most of his food and gets quite "frustrated" when we dont' spoon it in fast enough!

Happy 8th Month Birthday Carson!!!

February life at the Stecher's

Ahhh, life. 
As stated before the computer is in our room where Carson is sleeping.  As a result I can't seem to find time to post.  I take the photos, I think of what I want to say and I can't find the time to put it online...

Here is a whole month of posts in one or two! ;)

Parker continues to enjoy Kindermusic and LOVED his Valentine Party where Carson and Grandma Vancil got to come as his guests.  He had a ball, and so did little brother.  Carson was WAY over stimulated and for an hour and a half after falling asleep (and waking back up) would randomly scream (happily) at the top of his lungs and shake his little arms.   Thankfully it didn't wake up Parker.

Parker with his egg shaker, sharing with little brother 
Yeah, I dig it...

Change of Sitter

For a week in February Kim, our normal sitter, was unavailable to watch the boys.  Our friend, Carolyn, who is a daycare provider in Monmouth graciously volunteerred to take the boys for that week.  The boys did great!  Carson was a napping king taking 2-3 hour naps at a time!  Parker enjoyed the arts and crafts they did and thought he was hot stuff when they had a Valentine Party at her house and he got to decorate his own Valentine bag.  We were very thankful for her loving care and didn't even mind the drive...that much ;)

Ear Infections

Can you guess what's the same about all 3 of the people in this photo??? Yep!  We all have ear infections.  Parker had it the worst, after hours of screaming complaining of his head hurting in the middle of the night, and a trip to the ER at 5AM on a Sunday mroning, his ear burst and sure enough he too, had an ear infection.  Everyone has antibiotics and Parker even gets drops due to his ear tubes.  Everyone is long as we have Tylenol ;)