Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grandma Stecher/Annica's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Grandma Stecher and Cousin Annica's Birthday at Incredible Pizza in Davenport.  Everyone had a great time and Parker ran all over the game area grabbing family members hands saying "hand, hand" and dragging them to what he wanted to do.  Everyone was very accommodating with the youngest Stecher.
Hand, hand

Parker liked playing with Caleb and Tyler in the jungle gym.

This was Parker's favorite attraction.  It was a dance machine where you picked an upbeat kids song and followed the directions kind of like Dance Dance Revolution video game.  However, Parker just wanted to Dance, Dance, Dance.
 We're not sure which side he gets his "moves" from!

Monday evening, Grandma's actual birthday, we had them down for dinner and cake/ice cream.  Parker loved helping Grandma open her cards and presents.