Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess Who?

Guess washing all the bath toys and tub with bleach?
Mommy and Daddy 
Guess Who....pooped in the tub for the first time?
Guess who loves him even still and wouldn't trade this POOPER for anything?
Mommy and Daddy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nesting and sorting...sorting and Nesting?

The nesting phase may have begun...
I have had this nagging mess of baby clothes literally hanging over my head in the attic since we found out we were having another baby.  I knew it needed sorted, I just kept pushing it back.  However that nagging feeling is getting worse.

Tonight with the help of Travis, my mom, my dad, and Parker we sorted through boxes and tubs of baby clothes.  Clothes that Parker once wore and clothes that he has yet to wear.  I was amazed at how many clothes we have.  Good news is Parker is SET for the summer thanks to Aunt Heather/Uncle Kirk and our family friends the Johnson's.  Baby Junior will be hit or miss until about 6 months (just because of being born in late June) and then he too, will be set on clothing. 
It is such a relief to know that each tub has the clothing size that is marked.  We had done a pretty good job of getting most clothes in the general range of sizes but I will admit to being sloppy at times and just shoving clothes in the attic in any box that had room.
A HUGE thank you to my mom and dad who came to help sort (and wrangle Parker!)  My dad thought he was coming to visit Parker and when he showed up Travis and Parker were running errands so mom and I could sort in peace and my dad got stuck digging through clothes piles; he he!  He kept saying are all of these clothes Parker's?  Where did he get all this stuff?  I think he was flabbergasted! :)

A huge thank you also to the Chervenka family and the Johnson family for all the hand-me-downs!  Please know that they will be used, and used, and used and are SO very appreciated! You guys buy CUTE clothes!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nielson Field Day

Despite a rainy crummy weekend we were able to enjoy a Friday evening at Nielson School's Carnival.  Last year Parker had to be strolled around in a stroller and held up to play the duck game.  Not this year!
This year he went right to the duck pond and grabbed the ducks out and continued to say "duck, duck, duck, duck" the remainder of the night.  In fact it was the last thing he said as he drifted off to sleep.  I'd say the carnival (and ducks) had quite an impact!


 He also played the bucket ball toss with Mrs. Kohl, however, he didn't want to throw the balls, just gently placed them into each bucket along the row!