Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Love Summer

Heather and the kids were in town for a few days to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Travis and I took advantage of them being so close and went up for a visit today. All of us took an afternoon trip to Whitewater Junction. Whitewater is an aqua park in Rock Island where Travis used to work during the summers. Everyone had a great time! The boys were a little timid at first but that changed right away. Annica went on the water slides with Uncle Travis and Grandma several times. I'm not sure who was more apprehensive...Annica or Grandma....
Everyone had a great time and I know the Stecher's will sleep good tonight!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B-Pod Baby Shower

Last night we had our first baby shower! B-Pod (Travis' co-workers) threw us a shower. How Fun! We had a great time! We met up at McGuillicudy's restaurant for food, games, and fun!

Katie M. with her almost 1 year old Andrew; Kelsey, Molly, and Kannon K, and Cathy M visiting before the fun began.

Travis was a good sport and during the dirty diaper game got 5 out of 6 dirty diaper guesses correct! On the one diaper he missed I received a certificate for 5 free dirty diaper changes by "dad"! :)

After we ate and played games Travis was able to open gifts. We were blessed to receive many wonderful things from our friends. There was a CD player for the nursery, Cardinals attire and books, an insulated tote for bottles or baby accessories, I love Daddy onesies and bibs, window protectors for the car, a Daddy's Home book and many other baby must haves. B-Pod also generously gave us our pack and play! They truly went above and beyond. We are lucky to have such good friends!

After dinner we went back to Molly and Jeremy's house for socializing and dessert! Travis was again a good sport and ate his "special dessert" with out complaint! Our thoughtful friends even had a sugar free desert for me! Yummmm!
Hmmm..I think he was worried what he'd find in the potty! YUCK..or Yum???

YUM! What a fun idea Jenny!

The Babes of B-pod giving me lots of new baby advice!

We just want to thank everyone again for the wonderful gifts, and the fantastic friendships they give us daily. We are lucky to have have such a great support group!