Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ozarks 2014

We spent 4 days with the Vancil's in the Ozarks last week. We all had a great time boating, fishing, swimming, playing on the beach, and going to Miner Mikes.  

 We fished right off the front porch of the condo, using CHEESE!!! The boys had a lot of luck!

 The boys had a great time playing on the beach!


Vancil's 2014
(check out the guy in the background behind my head...TOTALLY photo bombing the photo!)
Robot Kaleidoscope

 Both boys made a ton of progress in the pool!

Click the links below :

We had a lot of fun boating too!
Pilot Parker and Captian Carson did a great job riding and "driving" the boat!

Miner Mikes was again a favorite of the trip!

Check out this YouTube video!

And at a lake where houses like this line the shores...

This one was my favorite!!! Do you think they deliver?

Had a great trip!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Ball

This week ended our Summer T-Ball season.  We were lucky to have the same friend/coach from last year coach Parker this year. 
Ben did an amazing job with all the kids and Parker loved playing. 

Carson had a buddy who came along to cheer his big brother on as well.  Watch out 2015 T-Ball, you've got a loaded play card!

Our MVP!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Carson's Birthday Party

What 3 year old doesn't want a Frosty the Snowman birthday June...a week before the 4th of the rain...?
Believe me, we tried multiple times since Christmas to see what kind of birthday party Carson really wanted and each time we asked it was always..."FROSTY, I said!"

So...Frosty the Snowman it was! 

Despite raised eyebrows, I assured the Bakery at Hy-Vee I really did know what season it was and I really did want a "melting snowman" cake.

Carson and Parkers wonderful Sunday School teacher, Becca, made the melted frosty cookies. 

And Carson now has a Frosty Font name banner to "match" his older brothers Ninja Turtle Font name banner.

Thank goodness I have such an amazing artist for a husband.  Travis drew/colored with sharpie on the bottom of over 45 plates...

The eyes made out of coal were a last minute improvise...the black grapes that were supposed to be in the bowl looked awful at the store! So green grapes with purple dry jello on the top it was...

Thanks Grandma Vancil for the snowman cheese ball!

And rains EVERY SINGLE birthday party/gathering we have...thank goodness Travis cleaned the garage so people could take shelter...

Shortly after eating the sun came out and so did the humidity...however, have no fear these kiddos wouldn't let Frosty melt away! 
Thanks Grandma Stecher for the Snowman hats!

Since themed tee- shirts were hard to come by for this particular birthday party, my wonderfully artistic husband came to the rescue again, with hand painted shirts....aren't they CUTE?!?!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!! You are one COOL Dude!