Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to get a toddler to stop crying

How to get a 2 year old to stop crying:
Step 1:
When said 2 year old is crying as you are buckling him into his car seat...simply have your significant other climb into drivers seat

Step 2:
close the driver side door....

Step 3:
with the person who is buckling the child's foot in the door...

Step 4:
make sure the driver smashes your little toe in the door...

Step 5:
have person who's toe is smashed start screaming in agony but don't tell the driver why you're he thinks you're just playing with the toddler...

Step 6:
Person with the toe smashed needs to begin screaming...OPEN THE DOOR...OPEN THE DOOR!

Step 7:
Driver, quickly open the door, climb out and try to figure out which limb you have smashed while the "smashee" is crying/laughing/sobbing in pain...

***This is GUARANTEED to make the toddler stop crying for at least a few moments***

Pumpkins and Petting Zoo

Yesterday we were invited to Moline to Travis' Aunt Carla's workplace.  They were having a pumpkin give away complete with bounce house, goodies bags, prize drawings, tattoos, doughnuts and SUCKERS!!!
We had a great time and were thankful to be invited!
Urgh, Urgh...heavy.... 
Grandpa Stecher helps out! 
Come on guys!!
After the pumpkin give away we went to the Freight House in Davenport for a Farmers Market.  This week they also had "The Greatest Petting Zoo in the Midwest" (their actual name).
It REALLY was the greatest petting zoo I've ever been too....Parker and I could have stayed all day!!
Admission was free and cups of animal food cost $1.00.  Here grandma is trying to give Parker his cupful of food...and here she is being tackled by a goat!!...they were not shy!
Here we are trying to get to a bunny in the corner...notice the little boy in the orange shirt?  He wouldn't leave the rabbits side the whole time we were there...we even tried nudging him out of the way...he wasn't movin'
So we just observed the bunny...Here I am talking to a sheep.
Parker did really well with the animals until the sheep started to try to herd him...then he wasn't to thrilled! 

Due to a bad experience with a goose when my brother Justin was Parker's age, we stayed a "safe" distance away...I'm still traumatized!

HA HA HA!  That tickles!

This petting zoo was fabulous.  We were allowed to be "in" amongst the animals.  All of the animals were exceptionally gentle with everyone wandering around.  There were: sheep, goats, pot-bellied pigs, a rabbit, a calf, llamas, geese, ducks, more goats, crazy roosters with feathers on the top of their heads and bottoms of their feet, more goats, and probably some animal I'm forgetting. 
It was FABULOUS and I want to go again soon!!

Thursday's with Grandma

Thursday nights are Travis' football games.  For the past many weeks Grandma Vancil (who works in Galesburg) has been coming over to our house after work to hang out and help with the boys.

She has the "Midas" touch with he is sleeping in the yard on a warm Autumn night. He woke up when I took his picture.

Parker was too busy playing in the yard to be bothered with photography....he wasn't feeling the photo shoot!
Thank you Grandma!
We are so glad you've been able to hang out over the last weeks!
We Love  you!!!