Monday, October 20, 2008

Tanner's Apple Orchard

Saturday I got to go back to Tanner's Apple Orchard near Peoria Illinois. This is a great orchard that is perfectly suited for young children and families. I take my first graders every year! I have always wanted to go with out 23 little ones so this year I invited my brother, Justin, his girlfriend Stormie and her 3 year old little boy, Rylie. Mom and I were going to tag behind Justin and Stormie, but Justin planned a wiener roast for the same day as the apple orchard trip so we left him behind and just the girls and Rylie went.

We had a great time feeding the goats,

riding the ponies,
driving a barrel tractor,
and playing on the playground, these were just a few of Rylie and my favorite parts :)

Mom and Stormie liked the gift shop and lunch ;)

We were going to go into the orchard to pick some apples, but the trees are now bare and all they had left were pumpkins! Rylie already had his pumpkin so we forgoed the trip into the orchard.
We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year! Rylie and I were tuckered out from all the playing we did so we both slept on the way home!