Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Two pictures, In each one a different child is giving the same look...
"come on mom, really???!!!??"

At the Church for Trunk or Treat. 
Carson ditched his Peanut, it was too warm and neither Travis or I could carry him with out the carseat while wearing it.  
But I want to be carried at Trunk or treat!
This little Peanut got his way! :)

Toddler Buddies

This, although blurry, was the best picture of two toddler boys on Halloween eve....

An elephant and a rabbit have a lot of energy! 
Bounce bunny bounce!

The rabbit's brother went as a carrot!
We look forward to next Halloween when there are not 2, but 4 boys running around on Halloween!
YIKES now THAT's scary!

Boo at the Zoo

Lessons Learned:
You can not do 3 cities for Halloween in 1 day.  Thus, this year we went to the Quad Cities on Saturday, Monmouth on Sunday and Galesburg on Halloween Monday.
Since we were going to be in the Quad Cities anyway, we took the boys to Boo at the Zoo...
There were a total of 11,700 people at Boo at the Zoo over the weekend...
If you ever get the chance to go...I'll give you a tip, go on the first day, be there as soon as they open (before preferably), skip all the first "vendors" don't start trick-or-treating until you get to the train at least.  Make sure you are out of there by 11:30.  If you pull up and there are no more parking spots and people are parked all crazy directions on the side of the've arrived too late, turn around and try again next year!

 Parker was an Elephant and Carson was a Peanut.
Grandma Vancil made the peanut costume for us and made sure that her newest baby would be extra THAT's a lot of stuffin!

The Elephant with the Elephants

 Carson could look out his arm hole to see what was going on!
The elephant and the peanut.

Happy Halloween from the Stecher's!