Thursday, August 22, 2013


After worrying for several weeks and being quite nervous Parker woke up on his first day of pre-school saying "mommy, daddy, I'm not afraid to go pre-school anymore.  I'm not excited about it, but I'm not afraid anymore."
We took that as a good sign and prepared to send Parker off on his first day of a very long educational journey ahead. 
Ready to go.
Pre-School here I come!

Parents are encouraged to say their "goodbye's" in the car and are not to walk the kids into the building.  We were SOOOOOO blessed to have one of Parker's friends, Emily, there to walk him into the building.  Although Emily is not in Parker's class, he was more than willing to let her lead him inside.   As I was saying, Ok buddy, have a good day, love you etc, etc.; Parker says "MOOOOMMM! Good BYE! 
oh, ok, I guess he's good then....

and he was.   
he came toddling out the door after his first day with a big grin on his face 
and a certificate to prove it!

end of summer...

The end of summer brought a lot of last minute...let's try one more outing days...we went to Monkey Joe's, the balloon glow, a slumber party with grandma/grandpa (mommy went to the Ozarks again with the other grandma/grandpa), chuckie cheese and numerous other "mini" trips.  On our last last hurrah to Chuckie Cheese's we made a list of all the things we got to do over summer vacation.  It was over a notebook page long! Overall our summer was a BLAST and we are already making plans for next year ;)