Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Shyvel is a local children's photographer.  Some friends use her and she has great backdrops/photos with Santa, Easter Bunny, a Fall scene etc.  
This year I just had to have her do the kids photos.  The cost is very comparable to the mall Santa and I had great visions of this picture perfect Santa photo that I could enlarge and hang in our house as part of our Christmas decor, send out in Christmas cards, etc...

The photo didn't make the cut...
Shyvel is still wonderful, and I look forward to her doing work for us in the future.  She was patient with a bawling Parker who was suddenly petrified of Santa and of Carson who wouldn't look at the camera and with me who kept dodging in and out of the photo trying to get both kids to look and smile at the same time...

Also, please excuse the lime green, unmatching, Oscar the grouch socks that Carson is wearing.  Travis tried to change the socks when we got there, but I was in such a rush and so worried that we would be making people wait I said it was fine, don't worry about it...
Once again, I wish I had listened to Trav....

Ho, ho, ho!

A Sharp Dressed Man...

We can't decide who's fashion sense Parker got......

Gingerbread House

We continue to do the Try it on Tuesday's at Bright Futures Pre-School.  We ask Parker if he wants to go to pre-school and he immediately shouts yeah!  This previous Tuesday he added..."what we make mommy?"  
It is fun to see him so energetic about "school" at such an early age!
This week Parker made a Gingerbread house.  He had very little assistance.  I helped him frost the inside edge, he added the graham crackers.  He started to frost the outside edge,I helped finish.  He added all of the candy decorations...I helped by eating the skittles in his bucket ;)
We think Parker's first Gingerbread house is beautiful!  I'm still amazed he did it mostly himself!
We will miss Try it on Tuesday's over the next few weeks, but look forward to starting again in January!
Yum!  Frosting...Eat it mommy? Eat it? 
Look at my house guys! 

Carson's Dedication

Sunday was Carson's dedication at Church.  Since Chervenka's were home for Christmas, they were able to make the extra drive down to Galesburg to be at Carson's day.  It was nice to have friends and family around. 
Carson had on a really cute stripped sweater...(I didn't try it on before Sunday had been Parker's and it said the right size on the label...not a good choice)...the sweater was too small and drove him nuts so as soon as the actual dedication was done, the sweater came off!  (I also didn't think through the vest for Parker)  He looks like a turtle in his shell for most of the photos!
Carson's Family

The Stecher's

The Vancil's

Mommy, Daddy, big brother, and Carson

Travis and his sister

Stecher Family Christmas

Saturday was the Stecher Family Christmas.  We had a wonderful visit with Travis' sister and family.  We went to incredible pizza for lunch and play time, then had ham balls and presents later that afternoon/evening.  Everyone had a great time!

Ear Ache

This photo looks like Carson is too big for his swing...he's getting there....
This photo looks like Carson is falling out of the swing....he's strapped in...
This photo looks like Carson has a dirty's hair that's rubbed off...'
This photo looks like Carson is covering his right ear...he hurts...

This photo does NOT show the yucky ear infection and first antibiotic our baby has had...nor does it show the allergy to penicillin he apparently now has....

but it does show his sweet innocent face even during illness.