Thursday, August 7, 2014

Balloon Glow

One of my favorite annual summer events is the Galesburg Balloon Glow.  Every year we park at the same place, make our "camp" at the same place, and sometimes even see the same people! :)  This year was a gloomy, breezy afternoon, but alas, we packed our picnic dinner and headed out.  
After being there a short while, our friends the Bredemeiers arrived and sat next to us, which gave our boys just the entertaining friendship needed to wait it out.  The launch had been delayed due to a nearby storm and strong winds.  We would have to wait another 2 hours for the glow.  Having unexpected friends show up saved the night!!!!
Eventually the balloons started blowing up. 
Excitement all around...
Especially when they started to lift off!
Time for the traditional family photo....

Then we were surprised again when more of our friends, the Davis' came to glow and found us unexpectedly...

Carson was NOT a fan of the sound the balloons made when they had to blast their propane tanks. But the beauty outweighed the noise. :) 

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