Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good Samaritan

Two weeks ago Parker became an official good Samaritan/Superhero.  
While driving down Henderson Parker screamed out from the back seat "Oh, NO!! Oh NO!! They dropped their weed wacker.  By golly he was right this orange tree trimming truck dumped a weed whacker right out on to the street and we watched it bounce through the road and lay on the other side.  

Travis whipped the van around and had ME jump out and put it into the back of the van...all the while I was worried other traffic would think I was STEALING the weed whacker.  We then went on a hot pursuit of this orange truck all the way down Henderson the other way and onto Main street.  
Just when we thought we lost them Parker again yells out from the back, "THERE IT IS, THERE IT IS!!!!" sure enough, sitting in Casey's parking lot was an orange tree trimming tuck. 

Travis and Parker delivered the missing cargo back to its rightful owners who were very astonished and grateful.  Ironically, Parker was wearing his superhero shirt that day!
We are proud of our superhero!

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